Crane Service, Crane Safety and Optimisation Specialists

Independent Crane Auditors offer a comprehensive range of services and products to assist you as the crane owner or responsible manager to secure the safety and reliability of your cranes and monitor the performance of your crane service providers.

We are a team of Engineers with many years of experience in design, safety and reliability of heavy lifting equipment.

We have the skills, experience and qualifications to reduce your crane maintenance expenses, increase productivity and availability, reduce down time, take the work load away so you can focus on important matters in your business and make sure your cranes are safe and compliant to operate, to the Australian Standards.

21st Century Crane Management

Do you want to know what the latest technology and processes are for the management, optimisation and safety of your bridge, gantry and jib cranes?

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Success formulae for Crane Safety and Optimisation

Crane Safety and optimisation Success Formulae