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How we get the best out of your lifting equipment…..

With 100% independence, we can audit your cranes and make sure they’re fit-for-purpose and being maintained at the right balance between preventative and corrective.

It’s not uncommon for us to find cranes are not rated to suit their application, and are either over-serviced to the point of maintenance-budget blowout or under-serviced to the point of requiring excessive capital replacement.

Our cranes specification and audit services help ensure your cranes deliver the production needs you have of them, safely and for the best possible overall budget.

Our Signature Service – Crane Audit & Report:

The most important part of managing a piece of heavy lifting equipment is knowing where to start and how to start. There is no point spending a large sum of money on an Asset before understanding what is required from that asset. If you don’t know the condition of it, how can you make informed decisions on how to manage it. Our engineers will audit your crane to Australian Standards for Design, Safety & Reliability and present you with a report so you can make informed decisions and manage your crane successfully.

Crane 10 year & 25 year Major Service and inspections:

When it comes to completing 10 year and 25 year service and inspections, at ICA we will first calculate whether a crane is actually due for a major service, you may have an extended life in your crane? or whether it is economical to proceed with a major service, there may be a more cost effective outcome? We will then manage the completion of your major service, stage by stage, only completing what is required for reliability, safety and compliance, while creating an economical outcome.

Crane certification to Australian Standards:

Once your crane has been audited and a report is presented to you or your chosen responsible person we then assist in bringing the crane up to compliance, if required.

All of the requirements are highlighted in the report.

Once these requirements are completed, we will certify your crane to be compliant to Australian Standards.

Reliable Maintenance Strategies & Log Book:

Using ICA’s “SMART solutions to crane reliability” based on the RCM process, our engineers will develop a fully customised preventive maintenance strategy for your cranes so that you know exactly how, when and where your cranes need to be maintained. Through condition monitoring, PM inspection checks, scheduled part replacement, third party inspections and even when to apply routine maintenance servicing.

We highlight audit dates, correct periodic inspection and service dates, overhaul dates and when major inspections are required.

We also develop customised log books to create a history of services, inspections and breakdowns.

Independent “Third Party” inspections:

“Third party inspections” are conducted to monitor the crane service providers’ competence in conducting routine services and inspections as required by the Australian standards.

Crane Maintenance Management & Reporting:

Once the audit and report is complete, your crane has been certified and maintenance strategy is developed, we switch to a monitoring role…

We manage each crane’s performance, monitor crane service providers’ performance and report on maintenance performance periodically.

Plus we liaise with your chosen responsible person so you have an up to date understanding of performance of your crane and any issues.

Crane Selection & Tendering:

One of the biggest issues ICA engineers see is how many cranes are selected incorrectly.

It’s a common problem and the result is often safety and risk problems, compliance issues, poor life of the crane and unnecessarily high capital and maintenance expenditures.

The cause is often that, in the absence of specialised crane knowledge, the cranes have been selected based on price only.

This is hazardous and expensive in the long-term.

ICA  engineers will select a crane to suit the application, environment, expected and forecast usage and with the most economical tendering process possible.

Then on your behalf, we purchase a crane that will be safe and reliable which will return an economical benefit to your business, avoid safety and compliance problems and truly make a lasting contribution to your productivity.

Project Management:

Our staff are qualified and experienced in the full project management process from Bridge Crane selection to handover. This will give you peace of mind when upgrading or developing an existing or green field plant.

Our engineers can also manage the upgrade of your cranes once the audit and report is complete.

Securing Productivity In Real-Life: Crane and Concept Layout Drawings:

Our experience in engineering crane layouts can optimise your process and maximise the usage of your factory and setup. This way, maintenance can be performed without interrupting production.

We will supply full detail layout drawings, highlight electrical services and isolation points, show work areas, access points and cranes, identify service platforms and bays and anything else that is required by you and the application of your crane.

Crane Installation & Commissioning:

We can manage and prepare  ”Job safety Analysis” (JSA’s) and manage and witness load tests.

Risk assessments can be prepared and completed before hand over to production teams.

In fact, Independent Crane Auditors will ensure your crane is complete to original specification before the approval of payment.


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Paul Kirkland and Independent Crane Auditors has provided us with the know how for managing our cranes. He has Audited over 100 of our cranes nationally over the past 12 months. This information has given us back the control, to be able to discuss technical requirements and maintenance issues with our crane service companies. We have been able to rely on ICA for advice on crane selection, installation, maintenance and safety.

Steve Hart

National Logistic Manager

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